Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. The amount of revenue generated by a blog featuring affiliate marketing links may vary significantly depending on the amount of traffic the blog receives as well as the compensation offered for the affiliate marketing.

What affiliate marketing essentially entails is creating a link on the blog to another company’s website. The other company then compensates the blog owner according to a previously agreed upon contract. This compensation may be awarded in a number of different ways. The blog owner may be compensated each time the advertisement is served, each time a unique website visitor clicks through the advertisement or each time a blog visitor performs a desired action such as making a purchase or registering with the website.

Over the next couple of days I will be talking more about different aspects of affiliate marketing which bloggers should understand including selecting opportunities carefully, maximizing the income potential for these opportunities and understanding the requirements associated with these affiliate marketing opportunities.

There is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing, so, I will take a couple of days to try and explain the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how you could possibly make a nice living by being an affiliate marketer.

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