Successful Attraction Marketers Teach – They don’t Sell

Successful attraction marketers teach – they don’t sell. There is not one reason to practice old school, traditional hard sales methods, once you learn the strategies of Attraction Marketing. As we discussed previously in our Attraction Marketing articles; credibility, trustworthiness, and becoming a “go to person”, are all important abilities you must have, or acquire, […]

Promoting Your Home Party Plan Business

How to promote your home party plan business for free on the world’s most popular websites (No computer experience necessary!)

Use Social Networking to Grow Your Business

How to use websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Squidoo to attract people who already want to join your opportunity

Attraction Marketing – Becoming a “Go to Person”

The first time a person encounters the term, “go to person”, they may not fully understand its meaning, or its significance in business. In simple terms, a “go to person” is someone who is sought after and respected for his or her expertise on a subject. The value of a “go to person” increases significantly […]

Marketing Trust

Remember our January 8, 2009 article where we talked about credibility, and I mentioned how a simple date on a letter caused me to question this advertiser’s credibility? I went back to this gentleman’s advertising site a few days later to again look at the date on his letter. Just as I suspected, the date […]

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