3 Strategies For Successful Sales – Part 3

3)  The ending of the sales message is where most people mess it up.  The whole efforts will be wasted if the customer gets a second thought. He should be convinced, by nice words, to buy the product till the very end. The content should be arranged with care. The key is to tell the […]

Are you Writing for Moms or Wahms?

If you are writing your blog to reach the mom or WAHM population, then I have to ask you this, “Do you ever run out of things to write about?” I do all the time!  It is hard to keep a blog going continuously, and if you tell me no it isn’t, “would you please […]

Get Instant Credibility for Your Website or Blog

If you’ve been online for any period of time, you know that you need a few things to be credible (trusted) online. One of them is knowledge that you can share. Not just any knowledge, but *really* good knowledge. It doesn’t hurt to be funny or have a great personality, but we’ll tackle one thing […]

Moving on after Frustration

I think I am over my frustration period and have decided to forget all that was lost when blogdumps went down a couple of weeks ago and just get back to writing, damn what was lost! I have learned a great lesson from all this and it is about backing up your blog posts some […]

Renegade Professional my 2nd Month

Wow!!! It has been an amazing two months with Renegade Professional. I knew I needed to learn more if I was really going to grow my business, I just didn’t know how much I needed to learn! When you join Renegade Professional they have you go through a 90 day plan, to make sure you […]

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