To Get Your Messages Read, Are You Doing These 5 Things?

Let a master in marketing tell you how to get your messages read, here is a great article by Jimmy D. Brown that will help you to get those messages read. Ezine Publishing For Profits Checklist: Are You Doing These 5 Things? by Jimmy D. Brown of “Get Messsages Read!” I am an admitted planner […]

You Can Build a Large List Simply by Writing Articles

The other day I talked about getting your list started. Now we need to talk a little bit more about how to get started building that list. You will always hear “The money is in the list”, you will hear this over and over as you build your business, but how do you build a […]

Can You Even Imagine This?

I want you to picture gazing out your window, past the patio, out onto the serene waters of the lake below. The day is just beginning, and the sun continues its routine ascension through the cloudless sky. A gentle wind meanders its way through your bedroom as you hear the rhythmic chorus of the waves […]

I Made WE Magazines 101 Women Bloggers To Watch List!

I am so honored to be listed in WE Magazine as one of the 101 Women Bloggers To Watch.  I am speechless for once in my life! <g>   See the list at

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