It’s Your Lucky Day Game (home party game)

Your Lucky Day Game Have the consultant (hostess if a consultant) bring lots of business cards, one per guest at the party. On the back of one write “It’s Your Lucky Day”. Hand out a business card to every guest and tell them not to tell them not to say anything if they have the […]

The Clothespin Game (home party games)

The Clothespin Game This game is played at every baby shower I have ever been too and it works great for your Home Party Plan Business also. As each guest arrives, hand him or her a clothespin. Tell them to attach it to themselves in an obvious spot, and each time they “catch” another guest […]

The Fruit Game (home party games)

The Fruit Game     This game works for any party plan company.    Just write on your invitation, “BRING A BANANA” or “BRING AN APPLE” (What ever fruit is in season will work).  The curiosity will kill your guests as they try to figure out what you could possibly be doing with the fruit. […]

Name That Slogan Home Party Game

Another great home party plan game, that has many versions this just happens to one of them.  You of course can add your own favorite slogans and see if your guests can guess who’s slogans they are. Now, have each guest number their paper 1 – 24 and then have them write their answers to the […]

Family Feud Game

This one is taken from the Family Feud, which by the way is back on the air these days….With Al Roacker at the the new host. (Is that how you spell his name?  I am not sure.) Family Feud It’s the old favorite family game! Give everybody a sheet of paper and have them fill […]

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