I Hate Tattoos!

Small, indiscreet tattoos do not bother me. But, most people do not stop at small discreet tattoos. I have been told it is “addicting”, once you have one tattoo you just want more…. I guess that is the part that bothers me. The people that don’t know where to stop with the nice discreet tattoo. […]

From My Family to Yours- Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Returning Gifts and Hurt Feelings

It never fails. Aunt Doris always buys you that horrendous Christmas sweater that you’re just never going to wear. Of course, if you’re really nice and polite, you may make an obligatory appearance in the sweater just once. But goodness knows, you don’t want that sweater. So what do you do? Ask Aunt Doris if […]

Family Time On Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when families can renew their connections to one another – but with the commercialism of the holiday, sometimes this gets lost. If you are trying to rekindle those feelings of love within your own family, here are some ways to do just that on Christmas day. – Enjoy breakfast […]

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