Use Social Networking to Grow Your Business

How to use websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Squidoo to attract people who already want to join your opportunity

Internet Communities

The power of the internet! The more you hang out online the more you realize how small the internet community is. Sure there are millions of people online, but there are tight communities people tend to stay with. I run into people I know in different forums all the time. I had someone e-mail me […]

Where to Network Your Direct Sales Business Online

The World Wide Web can be an excellent resource for those involved in direct sales. Just as networking offline can be a great boost for business, networking online can be useful in gaining sales as well as new recruits for your business. So the next time that you are online, check out these great places […]

Are You Making All The Money You Want?

Is your business where you want it to be? Mine wasn’t either! So I got professional help.  I joined Renegade Professional about a two months ago.  WOW!! I am still amazed at how much they offer through their classes. Renegade Professional is all about attraction marketing, or, getting people to come to you for your […]

Tips for Incorporating Twitter into Your Daily Business Routine

One of the most highly touted social networking sites on the Internet right now is Twitter. One of the reasons it’s so highly touted is that to incorporate Twitter into your daily business is almost too easy. The following ideas will help you to incorporate this service into the marketing efforts of your home party […]

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