How to Balance Work and Family

The first step to finding balance in your life is to assess how you want to live your life.  What is working for you and your family? What is not working for you and your family? Spend time thinking about all of the tasks and responsibilities you have. Also consider what tasks and responsibilities are […]

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

We have heard it over and over before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there is a reason why, let’s look at it. First we know that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal but, that doesn’t stop millions of Americans, and people around the world, from skipping […]

Creative Child Care Solutions for WAHMs

If you are a work at home mom (WAHM), you probably became one so you could spend more time with your children. However, there will most likely be times in your business when you will need to arrange for childcare. The following are some creative solutions to your childcare dilemmas. WAHMs in direct sales are […]

Profiting in the Info Product Business

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make a living online is to go into the info products business. Do NOT listen to those gurus who say time and time again that the market is saturated. And, that the internet just can’t handle another info product entrepreneur (info preneuer). Guess what? They’re wrong! Why […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Guest Post by Jen Malik Being a WAHM, I’ve never been one to get my Christmas shopping done ahead of time. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until it’s really time. I got a good chuckle when I was in a grocery line earlier this month and the cashier told me (it was DECEMBER 4!!!), […]

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