Every Family Needs To Know This

National Sex Offender Registry

This is something every family needs to know about. There is a website out there called Family Watch Dog and it will show you exactly where registered sex offenders are living in your neighborhood!

You might just be surprised to find out how close some of these people are to your house, your schools, you place of business.  I know I was surprised to find just how close of them in my neighborhood were to our schools!  It is shocking!!

We have “Drug Free Zones” near all schools, why do we not have “Sex Offender Free Zones” also?  Seems to me they are much more harmful to our kids than drugs!!!   I am applauded.

Show your kids these peoples pictures if they live near you or if they are near your kids school.  Tell them how you want them to act or react if your kids do see one of these people.  Make your kids aware that not all grown ups are good people!!!

Please pass this information on, this is nothing to keep to yourself.  Let everybody know about the Family Watch Dog website.

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