I Hate Tattoos!

I Hate Tattoos

I Hate Tattoos

Small, indiscreet tattoos do not bother me. But, most people do not stop at small discreet tattoos. I have been told it is “addicting”, once you have one tattoo you just want more…. I guess that is the part that bothers me. The people that don’t know where to stop with the nice discreet tattoo.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who have tattoos, to each his own.It is just me. I don’t get where some of these people work… some people with tattoos are just scary looking people (like the photo here) and I would not want them waiting on me in a restaurant.

I always tell the kids I work with or any kid who will listen, “before you get a tattoo, think about what it will look like when you are 60 years old.” If they still think it is a great idea, well then, “I don’t want them waiting on me in a restaurant when they are 60.” I Hate Tattoos

The other piece of advice I leave behind; I have never seen any one on the “Fortune 500” list with a tattoo. Now they may very well have one, but, they are probably part of the small group of people who believe in “small and discreet” tattoos that they can keep to themselves and only their good friends know they have them.

I have here an alternative to the permanent tattoo, check these out… Tattoo Sleeves, you can have your tattoos and remove them too. Now this kind of tattoo “I like.” Read More……

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