Moving on after Frustration

I think I am over my frustration period and have decided to forget all that was lost when blogdumps went down a couple of weeks ago and just get back to writing, damn what was lost!

I have learned a great lesson from all this and it is about backing up your blog posts some how, but just how you do that is a matter of choice and I will go through that now as my lessons learned.

Typing directly into your blog you have no way of backing up your posts and saving them somewhere else.  Someone told me to email myself my posts but I haven’t figured out how to do that.

Type your posts in a program like Microsoft Notes, which comes free on any computer that has Windows. I have always been told this is how you are supposed to type your posts and then cut and paste them into your blog.

I hate this method!! It seems like double work, because in Notes you can not underline, bold, link anything, or any other different types of editing you would like to do.  If you want to do these activities you have to do them once you past your post into your blog.  Double the work!

Type your post into Windows Word, you can add all the links, bolding, bullets, etc that you want.  Right into your post and save it, copy and paste.  Ta Da Done!  Problem with this method, for some strange reason, Word tends to add some crazy stuff to the beginning of your text and if you don’t check your post in html, you could end up with something that looks like you are posting in Russian!

My problem with all these methods is, I like to type when I am thinking about, like I am right now.  I am typing this right into my blog.  CRAZY I KNOW!!!  You would think I would learn, but no!!!  Well, I sort of have learned, because what I will do after I am done typing this, is, I will copy and past  this post into a Word document and then save it by name and DATE.

See, this is where the Lesson Learned comes in.  Not only then will I have a copy by name of the article, but also by date, so, when Blogdumps goes down and loses a weeks worth of posts, I will know EXACTLY what posts were lost because I also have the dates on my posts that I have saved!!  See, lessons learned!

No matter how you do it, you should learn to save your posts some how!  Otherwise you could be like me and searching for NEW posts to put on your blog, when suddenly posts are lost!

Happy posting!


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